Our values

AKB, the country's first and only credit bureau, considers the involvement of the country's most professional, competitive personnel in IT, finance, risk, marketing and law to be a priority of its personnel policy in order to achieve its goals.

The process of creating new projects and products that are new to the country, the implementation of projects that will stimulate the development of the country's banking sector requires a creative approach to work, leadership skills from each employee

AKB expands the ability and capacity of its employees to make independent decisions, encourages a creative approach to work. At present, AKB has a staff of professional and experienced graduates of local universities and educated in the world's leading universities. Employees here focus on analytics and strong technical knowledge, leadership and management skills, various database management skills, as well as effective collaboration with different organizations.

Recruitment process

AKB pursues a transparent personnel policy in accordance with international standards and corporate governance principles. Involvement of professional human resources is carried out through a phased recruitment system through various selection tools (tests, interviews, etc.).

By working at AKB, you will increase your professional knowledge and skills by gaining sustainable development and career opportunities in a professional team. At the same time, as a member of the AKB team, you will feel the benefits of being part of a larger process by helping citizens and businesses in a variety of issues.