A new service of the Azerbaijan Credit Bureau - a digital history platform has been launched

Press release | 16.09.2022

Azerbaijan Credit Bureau (Bureau) has launched a new B2C (business to customer) digital history platform - FINDOC. The platform, developed on the basis of advanced international experience, serves to increase the accessibility of information about themselves.

By registering on the appropriate platform and signing the consent application with SIMA or ASAN signature, users get digital access to information collected about them in the Bureau. Persons registered on the platform can use the following services:

- credit report review;

- review of the score report;

- obtaining the credit report in PDF format;

- obtaining a credit report signed with Asan Imza;

- forwarding the credit report from the Bureau's official email to another email address.

Note that the credit history and score report are provided to users free of charge twice a year.

After the limit of free requests is over, it is possible to pay individually for each product or to use more affordable subscription packages to benefit from the provided services.

Relevant payments are made through the Platform and without cash.

The platform operates in real-time, 24/7 and was initially made available to citizens in the "Beta" version.

The link https://findoc.az/ is used to connect to the service.

It should be noted that the Bureau was established on January 15, 2018. The bureau collects, stores, analyzes, and analyzes credit history information from credit organizations, including leasing, insurance, utilities, companies that buy and sell goods, as well as other databases related to debt obligations. is an institution that ensures the formation of reports, the provision of individual ratings to borrowers and the implementation of other value-added services.

Currently, the number of organizations connected to the Bureau is more than 200.