A new scoring service of the Azerbaijan Credit Bureau has been launched

Press release | 15.04.2024

Azerbaijan Credit Bureau (Bureau) has introduced a new scoring service - "FinScore" to its partners. Scoring is a special mathematical-statistical model, based on statistical methods, launched by the Bureau in order to contribute to increase financial inclusion by supporting the determination of borrowers' ability to repay loans and financial discipline.

When using the new service, in addition to the person's current score, partners will also receive the 4 main criteria that most influence the formation of the score, as well as the person's last 12-month score history.

The service was developed by the Bureau in cooperation with the Turkish Credit Registration Bureau (KKB). During the preparation of the project, the representatives of the Bureau's partner banks, non-bank credit organizations, retail companies and other partners of the Bureau were involved in the process, a number of meetings were held and their opinions and suggestions regarding the relevant subject were obtained and used in the implementation of the project. .

Note that the predictive power of the new model is quite high (Gini coefficient - 72.2). For information, the Gini coefficient of 70+ is considered the highest indicator in credit bureau scores in international practice.

The new service has been made available to citizens through the Findoc portal. Citizens can get their credit history and score report twice a year completely free of charge by registering on the appropriate portal. The portal operates in real-time, on a 24/7 basis.

Currently, the number of people registered on the Findoc portal is more than 70 thousand.

To register remotely from the Findoc portal, the https://findoc.az/ link is used.


The bureau was established on January 15, 2018. The bureau is an institution that collects, stores, and analyzes credit history data from credit organizations, including leasing, insurance, utility service companies, retail companies, as well as other databases related to debt obligations and it ensures the formation of reports, the provision of individual ratings to borrowers and the implementation of other value-added services.

Currently, the number of partners of the Bureau is about 250.