A member of the Supervisory Board of Azerbaijan Credit Bureau LLC has been replaced

Press release | 02.02.2022

In accordance with the decision made at the 13th meeting of the General Meeting of “Azerbaijan Credit Bureau” LLC (Bureau) dated February 2, 2022, member of the Supervisory Board Elchin Gadimov (First Deputy Chairman of the Board of “Rabitabank” OJSC) Aydin Huseynov (“ Rabitabank ”OJSC). The new composition of the Supervisory Board has been registered with the relevant government agencies.

It should be noted that currently the Bureau has 7 members of the Supervisory Board, and they were elected from among the senior officials of the founding banks. Chairman of the Supervisory Board Farid Abushov (Unibank CB OJSC), other members Zamig Mammadov (International Bank of Azerbaijan OJSC), Elnur Mammadli (Xalq Bank OJSC), Elnur Hasanli (BankRespublika OJSC), Javid Mirzayev ( KapitalBank ”OJSC) and Ahmet Kudret İsler (ZiraatBank Azerbaijan OJSC).

It should be noted that on January 15, 2018, the Bureau received information from 8 banks operating in the country - "International Bank of Azerbaijan", "Bank Respublika", "Xalq Bank", "Kapital Bank", "PASHA Bank", "Rabitabank", "Unibank"and Ziraat Bank Azerbaijan OJSC. The Bureau collects, maintains, analyzes customer credit information from a wide range of sources, including leasing, insurance, utilities, mobile phone operators, and other debt-related databases, as well as provides individual creditors with information on credit history. is an institution that provides ratings and other value-added services.