The Findoc platform was represented at the VII International Banking Forum

Press release | 04.11.2023

The Findoc platform, the first business-to-customer platform of the Azerbaijan Credit Bureau, was also represented at the VII International Banking - "Reliable, safe and sustainable banking" forum held in Baku on November 1-2. In addition to online registration from the Findoc portal (Portal), conditions have been created for forum participants to register physically to obtain digital credit histories.

The Findoc portal, developed on the basis of advanced international practice, is a unified platform where individuals have access to all debt information collected about themselves, integrated with the Bureau's database.

The services currently offered by the portal are as follows:

- credit history;

- score report;

- disputing the credit history;

- receiving an e-mail notification about the days of delay recorded in the credit history;

- obtaining the credit report in PDF format;

- obtaining a credit report signed with Asan Imza;

- forwarding the credit report from the official email of AKB to another email address.


To register from Findoc:

1. Go to portal;

2. Personal and contact information required for registration is added;

3. The consent application is signed with SIMA or Asan signature;

4. Appropriate service is selected and used.

The portal operates on a 24/7 basis, and credit history and score reports are provided to users free of charge twice a year.


Findoc – your credit history.