Credit report - the information provided to users of information from the credit history within the purposes and scope allowed by the Law of the Republic of Azerbaijan "On Credit Bureaus".

How to get a credit report?

Pursuant to Article 13.2 of the Law of the Republic of Azerbaijan “On Credit Bureaus”, individuals and legal entities that are the subject of a credit history have the right to receive credit reports in accordance with the legislation. Pursuant to paragraph 3.10 of the “Rules for submitting information to the Azerbaijan Credit Bureau and obtaining information from the Bureau”, credit history subjects officially apply for information about themselves in the Bureau without paying any fees twice a year, and for each subsequent statement in the amount of 1 manat can be obtained by paying. By applying, information users can obtain information from the Bureau in the form of an electronic document in writing, including an enhanced electronic signature, in the following ways:

1. Through Findoc cabinet;

2. In the form of an electronic document certified by an electronic signature

In order to obtain information about themselves in electronic form, the subjects of the credit history apply to the e-mail address indicated on the website of the Bureau with an application confirmed by an electronic signature. The information is sent by the Bureau to the address indicated in the application in electronic form or at the request of the applicant to the postal address specified in the application.

3. By sending a notarized remote request

When subjects of credit history apply to the Bureau's postal address with a notarized remote request to obtain information about themselves, the Bureau sends the information by mail to the address specified in the application. The remote request application form must be submitted with a notarized copy of the identity card.

4. Personally (legal representative of a legal entity) or through an authorized representative;

If the subjects of the credit history apply in person with the original ID cards, and if they apply through a legal representative with the power of attorney and the original ID card, they can apply to the employees of the Bureau No. 1 (Baku, Academician Hasan Aliyev str. 36) "ASAN Kommunal" can get. When applying in this way, the response to the request from the Bureau is obtained by submitting the following documents and signing the "Journal of Inquiries":

4.1. For individuals:

original and copy of the identity document of the requested person;

a copy of the document reflecting the TIN of the individual entrepreneur;

Originals and copies of documents confirming the identity and authority of the representative.

4.2. For legal entities:

A copy of the document reflecting the TIN;

Originals and copies of documents confirming the identity and authority of the applicant (together with the seal of the enterprise).

An extract from the office is provided in 2 forms:

On paper, in a form sealed and signed by the person in charge of the Bureau;

In the form of an electronic document - with an electronic signature signed by the responsible person of the Bureau in accordance with the law.

The statement from the Azerbaijan Credit Bureau consists of the following sections:

• personal information of the borrower;

• review of credit information;

• information on inquiries about the borrower;

• active liabilities of the borrower;

• the borrower's obligations;

• Liabilities guaranteed by the borrower

Borrower's personal information

The personal information of the borrower includes the name, surname, patronymic, name of the legal entity, TIN, ID card serial number, address, date and place of birth, credit score.

Credit information review

This section provides an overview of all active and fully repaid loans of the borrower by types of credit obligations (loan, line of credit, guarantee), manat-equivalent of the obligations guaranteed by the borrower.

Information on inquiries about the borrower

This section records the number of inquiries about the Person made in the last 12 months, the date and purpose of the response, and the names of the requesting organizations (this section is disclosed only to the individual).

Borrower's active liabilities

The asset liabilities section of the report contains more detailed information on each asset liability of the borrower, including the form, currency, term, date of issue and expiration, purpose and method of payment.

Borrower's obligations

This section provides detailed information on each of the borrower's fully paid liabilities.

Obligations guaranteed by the borrower

This section contains information on all liabilities guaranteed by the borrower. If the number of obligations guaranteed by the borrower is more than 50, the first 50 loans are given in full, and the others are summarized.