If you believe that the information in your credit report is incorrect, you have the right to challenge the information you consider to be incorrect. To do this, at the initial stage, by contacting the Bureau and obtaining your credit report, you specify the name of the information provider (bank, bank, credit union, etc.) who entered incorrect information about you.

More information on obtaining a credit report can be found using the "Findoc cabinet".

After receiving the credit report, you contact the information provider who entered incorrect information about you to correct the error.

In your application to the information provider, you provide a copy of your identity document and a credit report obtained from the Bureau, stating in detail the information that you consider incorrect. In this case, the data provider:

1. If he agrees with the claims contained in your application, he shall formally apply to the Bureau for a change in the information he has previously provided to the Bureau and shall inform you thereof.

2. If he claims that the information provided to the Bureau is true, he shall give you a reasoned response to the refusal to change. If you are not satisfied with the answer given to you, you can go to court.

When access to a data provider is limited

If you have limited opportunities to contact the information provider directly, then you can use the help of the Bureau. To do this, you can apply to the Bureau in writing or electronically in the "Complaints and Suggestions" section by preparing Appendix 5 to the "Rules for submitting information to the Azerbaijan Credit Bureau (Bureau) and obtaining information from the Bureau". sends a request. The information provider who received the request checks the accuracy of the information provided to the Bureau, sends information to the Bureau about the accuracy of the information or elimination of the error.

Editing data in the bureau system

According to the requirements of the legislation, any changes in the information in the Bureau system can be made only in 2 cases:

• When there is an official request from the information providers

• According to a court decision that has entered into force.