Bulk credit report - a service that allows member organizations of the Bureau to obtain currently available credit reports in the same format, but in bulk. When organizations use the bulk credit report request service, they can send a minimum of 100 and a maximum of 5,000 requests in one batch. The response to the request is based only on the correct information provided by the user, and in case of incorrect information, an error message on that information is displayed as a notification in the user interface. Only properly processed inquiries are deducted from the organization's balance sheet.


- Possibility of periodic portfolio monitoring;

- Simultaneous survey of more than 100 people;

- Transfer of requested data to the user in XML format;

- Increasing the speed of information exchange;

- Simplified information structure transmitted to the bureau system (csv format);

- Save time used for the survey;

- Availability of preferential tariff package;

- Ability to use the organization without making changes in subsequent business processes.