Alternative data report Alternative data report

In addition to traditional services, the Azerbaijan Credit Bureau (Bureau) has provided an extract - alternative report module for the use of partners on information related to the mandatory obligations of individuals available in the database of state bodies.

The mentioned report contains the information related to the relevant obligations obtained from the databases of the state bodies named below:

- Information from the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Azerbaijan on legal cases related to individuals, obligations determined by the enforcement and probation department, notarized debt contracts;

- Information on fines imposed on individuals from the General State Traffic Police Department of the Republic of Azerbaijan;

- Information on debt on the main tax form, debt on property (confiscation), social debt and unemployment insurance fee related to legal entities and individual entrepreneurs from the State Tax Service under the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

The introduction of an alternative reporting service by the Bureau aims to more accurately and correctly determine the financial discipline and solvency of borrowers during the credit decision making process, thereby minimizing risks by reducing information asymmetry.