The bureau serves to reduce credit risks

Information | 31.01.2022

The main purpose of the credit bureau is to ensure the availability and quality of credit information and to help creditors make better decisions.

The main activity of the Bureau is to collect and analyze information collected from information providers and provide it in the form of credit reports and a number of other services based on user requests. Thus, by obtaining a credit report, credit institutions obtain detailed information about all types of credit liabilities of their potential borrowers that have existed for the last 10 years. Through this report, credit institutions have the opportunity to assess future risks and make appropriate decisions.

At the same time, the Bureau provides each credit institution with information on the scores of individuals and sole proprietors. Through this report, credit institutions obtain an individual rating of the borrower's financial liabilities, and through this report, which is a generalized form of credit reporting, it is possible to assess the risks in a shorter period of time.